Technology Services

Chirocenters Management Corporation

Our state of the art computing and communication technology solution coupled with the most advanced medical software is designed to simplify administrative tasks and improve productivity- and it’s simple to use!

Some of our technology features include:

  • Automatic daily Back-Ups
  • The latest Citrix software and Free Software Upgrades
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Complete software support to include Medical software, Microsoft applications, Electronic filing cabinet, Internet explorer / Internet Access, Email, Adobe scanning
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Connectivity (FIOS, Comcast, Cavalier / Cable, DSL, T1)
  • Remote Login
  • Secure network in a class 4 co-location
  • New user set up.

1 (866)671-0136

Chirocenters Management Corporation

9620 Iron Bridge Road, Suite 200
PO Box 2890
Chesterfield, VA  23832
Office: 804.608.3040
Toll Free: 866.671.0136